TimeSpot 10 – The Soul and Reincarnation

The soul is the original spark of the Creator’s mind that was released during the explosion at the beginning of creation. The Creator’s purpose in shattering Himself was to learn, grow and evolve and experience His planets. He could not do this as a whole mind. He had to individualize Himself in order to enter the animal/caveman bodies that populated the earth. All of the sparks that fell must evolve back up to be one with the Creator God before any can move on. Therefore, one of the overlying goals for all is to help everyone else in their evolutionary growth so that everyone can move on together.
We must live our materialistic life or the opportunities for lessons could never be set up in which the fulfillment of acts and deeds can be done to be stored in the seedcore. It is the balance and blending of the duality that insures eternal life.
The soul joins the half of the soul left on the inner planes and as a whole soul, does an accepting and rejecting of all its past lifetimes. It is almost like reviewing a group of plays wherein you were the star and deciding the best roles you played. You analyze everything and perhaps one small line that was delivered quite eloquently from one play will be the only thing to go on the plus sheet for that play. But this is enough for that play to stay on the roster of good plays. Believe me, when an entity sees how very little there sometimes is, that is permitted in the permanent record of the seedcore, they feel much regret for the wasted opportunity.
The teachers and guides weep at times because of man’s inability to see the total picture. They need to understand themselves and to know what it is they are searching for and the fact that their search is causing them to not ever be able to find it. Do you understand how frustrating this is to their teachers? If these people would attempt to bring the soul and body into working in harmony, they would find that they would experience what it is they have been searching for and the search would be over.

TimeSpot 9 – Atlantis & After – Part 3

The story of Genesis is following the half of the House of David that were not allowed in the Garden. The early books of the Bible were all set down by one man. He found scrolls depicting the visits of spacemen to earth and interpreted them as best he could. He found these in a basement of a castle in Rome and had been damaged by water some time earlier. These same scrolls are even today buried in the bottom of a box in the papal palace in Rome. A scientific report or analysis of the data of the spacemen’s ongoing experiments was sent through this man named Joachim. In the years between the last book of the Old Testament and the first book of the New Testament, there is a long-time period left blank as far as history goes. The spacemen left to see if humanity would pull themselves up the evolutionary ladder. Reincarnation can be compared to flowers and also to farmer’s crops. To help understand why reincarnation makes sense, you are asked to pretend you’re the Creator and asked how you would go about it. Reincarnation is compared to an actor, who eventually becomes a teacher of actors.

Timespot 8 – Atlantis & After – Part 2

Half of the tribe of David was put in the garden. They received genes from Sirion and Venus. They ate the food from the Garden, and also received spiritual teachings. This was the tribe called the Amorites. They were taken from the garden after three generations and put in the land of Moab where they were watched for another three generations and at that time were told to go into the world and mix with all others. The other six original tribes along with the other half of the tribe of David were the Biblical “Lost Tribes of Israel,” and are the ones who were not allowed in the garden. At this time the practice of circumcision was initiated because they did not want anything tainting the half of the tribe in the Garden. This was a very exacting way to set those not allowed in the garden apart from those who were allowed. The period of low tide on the Red Sea was a time of drought and famine in Egypt. The spacemen knew that they had to get the people to greener pastures – the Biblical “Twenty-Third Psalm. “The Red Sea was at an all-time low, and there was a sandy bar three quarters of the way across. The spacemen sand-bagged the rest of the way so that the people could walk the whole distance across. The spacemen had found a leader in Moses and gave him the Ten Commandants before they left. The Book Numbers is an accurate record of the names of those who were experimented on. This book has been preserved as the only way humanity will ever come to believe in their double evolution, spiritual and physical. There is one piece of knowledge that would most likely help humanity in their understanding of our origins. This knowledge is the fact that the Captain (Biblical “Lord”) referred to in these early books was not the same Captain as the one in later books.

TimeSpot 7 – Atlantis & After – Part 1

The stage of Atlantis was a mess. The thought-forms were unisexual and the forms they tried to enter were either male or female. With both sexes in the male forms and both sexes in the female forms, there were fights like you wouldn’t believe. Michael couldn’t control it and made the decision to start the experiment over. With help from an older brother, earth was flooded. The story of Noah and the Ark. When the survivors had children, they had sparks enter them that had been separated before entering the bodies. This was considered the Fall of Man. One half of the spark had to stay on the inner planes to guide the half in incarnation. This was the true meaning of the story of Adam and Eve. Eventually the Garden of Eden was begun to help with the nutrition of the evolving animals. It was also found that with the addition of seaweed, the process of thinking was speeded up even more. This brought about the Biblical tale of Jonah and the Whale.

Timespot 6 – Planet Earth & Humans – Part 3

As the bolts of lightning kept getting larger and larger on planet three, that same thought kept coming back; “there has to be someplace else, something more than this. This is no good. We’re just not getting anywhere at all here.”

So one huge storm, the biggest on the whole of planet number three, the leader of the pack, you might say, formed into a lightning bolt very strong and determined to explore further as to what was out there. When this fourth world, planet earth, was completed the lightning coming from planet number three moved to it, along with the wind and rain.

A very large lightning bolt came over to planet four, earth. It was coming at a tremendous speed. This large lightning bolt was the solar flare, Satania, coming from our sun. This was where the flare, Satania, was coming from, headed for planet earth. They came together. Earth, beautiful, verdant earth, that green jewel – and what’s been going on with planet earth?

TimeSpot 5 – Planet Earth & Humans – Part 2

When they discovered the upright animal forms, they inseminated them with genes from the higher planets. When this group developed to where it had a rudimentary mind working on an instinct level of procreation, self-preservation and instinct survival, a new experiment was started that had to do with the addition of chakras. The divine sparks entered the bodies after the third round of inseminations took place.

TimeSpot 4 – Planet Earth & Humans – Part 1

After planet earth’s birth, when it burst up from the central core of energy as a terrifically hot ball, a swirling mass of fire, it began the process of cooling down, hardening and turning into rock. It was a long time after birth cooling enough to start the process of life on it. The birth of planet earth coming out of a black hole was observed by other planets populated with evolved souls. Even then these planets had intergalactic communications and the birth of earth was an exciting event, a beautiful, fantastic sight. The ball of fire blazing in the distance, which was to become our earth, was visible at all times for hundreds of thousands of years until gradually it began to cool.

TimeSpot 3 – Our Solar System

Our solar system had its start with the birth of the Great Central Sun, Oversoul Michael. Michael has twelve sons. When planet earth was born it came under the domain of Oversoul Michael’s son Lucifer, the sun we see up in our sky. The planets were nebulous puffs of air in the beginning. They did not so much rise up from a black hole as they congealed at the opening of the black hole. They started cooling and forming a protective case around the central part that was directly over the birth hole. The center of this core or shell was filled with the most liquid and fiery of the gases. As they congealed over the black hole, this stopped the feeding of the nebulae from the vortex. It was being fed energy. As this energy supply stopped, each planet was then able to solidify.

The Creator’s Mind – TimeSpot #2

I’d like to compare the human brain to the large universe. The moment conception takes place there is a mind, the same as there was a Creator’s mind the moment the “Big Bang” took place in the large universe. At the time of this nuclear explosion this Mind was shattered into individual particles. These particles were once the “complete Mind” of the Creator that was present in the black hole. You and I and everyone were part of one of these particles.

The Big Bang – TimeSpot #1

The TimeTraveler rides on his magic rainbow carpet, to give us an “inside look” at the big bang. The explosion shattered all except one atom which was left perfect and whole, the hydrogen atom. This, then, was the birth of our Creator, the beginning of our universe. It all starts with the tiny black spot at the center of all universes. This tiny black spot is a tiny black hole of compressed space and this is where the very high, most central, all powerful original core of energy is to be found.

The TimeTraveler then progresses on to a look at how an ice superstructure formed over everything. The grid map that we have over our planet is a small part of this crystalline lattice of the universe.

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